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ING Focus Plan

Invest easily and at your own pace

Do you want to gradually build up a solid nest egg, supplement your statutory pension or finance other projects? Why not opt to invest rather than save? Find out about the ING Focus Plan, a tailored investment plan.

  • Made to measure

    Via your Focus Plan, you have access to a selection of investment funds. Know that your capital and your return are not guaranteed.

  • At your own pace

    You not only choose the amount and frequency of your standing order but also the duration of your investment. You can easily adjust or terminate your plan whenever you want and free of charge.

  • Starting from €25 a month

    You do not need a large budget for it. You can already start investing from 25 euros per month via a standing order. This way you can easily build up your capital.

  • Appropriate risks

    Spreading over a longer period of time compensates the risk of investing when the market is high. In the event of price fall, you can buy more securities for the same money. 

  • Online or in a branch

    You can open your plan directly online or in a branch. You can track its performance on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

The ING Focus Plan is a regular investment plan. It allows you to build up a potentially higher capital gradually. You invest your capital in funds* that you select based on the level of risk you are willing to take. You have the advantages of a periodic investment plan which allows you to buy investment fund units at different prices depending on the evolution of the financial markets.

Anyone aged 18 or over who has an ING Current Account or an ING Invest Account can enjoy these benefits.

*Funds means an “undertaking for collective investment” (= UCI). UCI is a general term which refers to institutions that obtain their financial resources from the public and whose business consists in managing a portfolio of financial instruments. The term “funds” therefore includes both ICVC (variable capital) and ICFC (fixed capital) investment companies and mutual funds as well as their sub-funds.

  • You choose the amount of your standing order
  • From a minimum of 25 euros and a maximum of 250 euros a month, when you open online.
  • If you wish a higher amount, please contact your branch.
  • You choose the frequency of your standing order
  • When you open online, the frequency of your payments is monthly.
  • If you want anonther frequency, please contact your branch.
  • You choose the duration of your ING Focus Plan
  • When you open online, you can chose a duration from 5, 10, 15 or 20 years.
  • If you want another duration, please contact your branch.

You decide yourself how much risk you want to take. The more risk you are willing to take, the higher the potential yield on your investments will be.

Risk and return on investments are linked. The return on your investments can fluctuate and is not guaranteed. So it is not certain that you will get back the capital you invested. Depending on the fund(s)* you choose, the ING Focus Plan can potentially produce an excellent yield. Your investments are diversified over time and in different sectors, regions and activities in order to mitigate the risk as far as possible.

Consult the risks in the 'Key Investor Information Document' before choosing a fund in your Focus Plan.

  • Flexible management
  • An ING employee can change or close (temporarily) your plan. It is completely possible to change the amount, duration, frequency and choice of fund. You can also terminate your ING Focus Plan. If you want to do this, please contact your branch or our help desk.
  • Your Securities account
  • You don't have an ING securities account yet? We automatically open a securities account and link it to your ING current account or ING Invest account. A securities account is an account in which the units of your chosen fund * are kept.
  • Do you already have an ING Securities Account? In that case, we will add the investments from your ING Focus Plan to this securities account.
  • Opening, manage and closing: free
  • The costs specific to the fund*: consult the 'Key Investor Information document' of the selected fund.
  • Custody fees: The securities that you purchase through your ING Focus Plan are kept free of charge in an ING securities account.

  1. Apply

    Choose the amount and the duration of your ING Focus Plan

  2. Choose the fund

    Choose a fund for your deposits

  3. Signature and summary

    Enter your details

First read this page carefully, then you can Apply for an ING Focus Plan