9 April 2018

ING Securities Account

Managing your investments has never been this easy! An ING Securities Account gives you constant access to your investments in Home'Bank. For more information, you can always contact your ING branch!

Advantages of a securities account
  • Secure: You don't keep any securities at home, hence minimising the risk of theft.

  • Flexible: Link your securities account to a free ING Invest Account and follow up your investments where and when you want.

  • Free custody: No custody fee charged for securities issued by ING.

  • Extra discounts: Manage your securities account in Home'Bank and receive several benefits including a 20% discount on the ING investment fund subscription fee.

  • Convenient: The value of your coupons is automatically deposited in your account on the renewal date. You are also kept up to date on all transactions involving the securities in your file.

In detail

An ING Securities Account groups all your ING securities in one file. This makes managing your investments considerably easier! Link this securities account to your ING Invest Account for optimal investment comfort.

  • Open your free ING Invest Account via Home'Bank.
  • If you are not yet using Home'Bank, read how simple it is to start online banking here!
  • If you want to subscribe to an investment in Home'Bank, you will be asked if you want to open a securities account linked to your ING Invest Account.
  • Do you still have paper securities? These securities have to be included in a securities account no later than 31 December 2013.

Manage your securities account via:

  • Home'Bank: go to Services > Savings and Investments > Investments. Home'Bank gives investors
  • 50% discount on brokerage fees/commissions on Euronext stock market orders
  • 40% discount on brokerage fees/commissions on non-Euronext orders
  • 20% discount on ING fund subscription fees.
  • Phone'Bank: on number +32 2 464 60 04.
  • Self'Bank: choose option 4 > Investments and then option 3 > Securities portfolio.
  • An ING branch: make an appointment now at a branch of your choice.

In the event of your sudden death, your heirs will pay up to 30% on the balance of your securities account in death duties. With the ING Inheritance Insurance, your heirs receive a sum to pay for (part of) these death duties in the event of your sudden death due to an accident.

Opening an ING Securities Account costs 14.52 euros.. It doesn't cost anything at all to include securities issued by ING. You only pay a minimal fee (handling charge and custody fee) if you want to add securities not issued by ING to your securities account.

Interested in a securities account?
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