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Would you like to invest in the stock market by buying or selling shares? Do this with ING, on the main equity markets, very simply.

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    ING gives you access to its home markets (Euronext Brussels, Paris, and Amsterdam) as well as to a selection of the largest market capitalisations.

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    Execute your orders directly online or contact your ING branch.

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    Buying and selling shares involves costs and taxes. You can find more information about this below on this page 

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    You receive additional discounts on stock market orders you place using Home’Bank/Business'Bank and Smart'Banking

A share is a unit of ownership of a company's capital. A shareholder is an owner of the company, in proportion to the number of shares he or she holds. Shares in companies listed on the stock exchange can be traded freely on the stock exchange.

ING offers access to all of its home markets (Euronext Brussels, Paris, and Amsterdam) as well as to a selection of the largest market capitalisations on the main international equity markets.

You may buy or sell shares on the stock exchanges mentioned in the table below.

Country Stock exchanges ISIN code
Belgium Euronext Brussels, Equiduct BE
France Euronext Paris, Equiduct FR
The Netherlands Euronext Amsterdam, Equiduct NL
United Kingdom LSE, Seats, Sets GB
United States NYSE, Nasdaq NMS US
Germany Xetra, Frankfurt, Equiduct DE

For the 12 countries listed in the table below, you may buy shares in index components, as well as the main securities listed on these markets (from a market capitalisation perspective). You can sell all the shares that are listed on these exchanges.

Country Index Stock exchanges ISIN code
Austria ATX Wiener Börse AT
Canada S&P TSX Composite Toronto Stock Exchange CA
Denmark OMXC20 OMX Copenhagen DK
Finland OMXH25 OMX Helsinki FI
Italy Italy Index 40 Milan/Equiduct IT
Japan Nikkei 225 Xetra JP
Luxembourg LuxX Luxembourg Stock Exchange LU
Norway OBX Oslo Stock Exchange NO
Portugal PSI 20 Euronext Lisbon PT
Spain IBEX 35 Bolsa de Madrid ES
Sweden OMXS30 Nasdaq Stockholm SE
Switzerland SMI Swiss Exchange CH
  • Capital risk : The value of the share in the market varies according to the perspectives of the company and the general trend of the markets. In the event of a company bankruptcy, the investor risks losing his invested capital
  • Market risk : The value of stocks is influenced by a variety of factors. These include developments in the financial markets, the global economic situation and the economic and political conditions in the countries concerned.
  • Yield risk : Investing in stocks offers no guarantee of return. As a result, the shareholder may not receive any income from holding the share due to the failure to pay a dividend. In addition, it is also possible that no return, or even a capital gain, will be realized on the sale of the share.
  • Exchange rate risk : The exchange risk has to do with the possibility that the return on the investment will fall as a result of an unfavorable evolution of the currency in which the share is listed.
  • Liquidity risk : The liquidity of a share indicates how easily it can be bought and sold. This mainly depends on the number of transactions in the share on the stock exchange and on the size of the stock market capitalization of the company.
  • Place your stock market orders via Home'Bank/Business'Bank and Smart'Banking and benefit from the following discounts:
  • 50% on brokerage fees for Euronext orders
  • 40% on brokerage fees for non-Euronext orders

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