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A share is a unit of ownership of a company's capital. A shareholder is a co-owner of the company, in proportion to the number of shares they hold. Shares in companies listed on the stock exchange can be traded freely on the stock exchange.

  • Capital risk : The price of the share in the market varies according to the perspectives of the company and the general trend of the markets. In the event of a company bankruptcy, the investor risks losing his invested capital
  • Market risk : The price of stocks is influenced by a variety of factors. These include developments in the financial markets, the global economic situation and the economic and political conditions in the countries and regions concerned.
  • Yield risk : Investing in stocks offers no guarantee of return. As a result, the shareholder may not receive any income from holding the share due to the failure to pay a dividend. In addition, it is also possible that no return, or even a capital gain, will be realized on the sale of the share.
  • Exchange rate risk : The exchange risk has to do with the possibility that the return on the investment will fall as a result of an unfavorable evolution of the currency in which the share is listed.
  • Liquidity risk : The liquidity of a share indicates how easily it can be bought and sold. This mainly depends on the number of transactions in the share on the stock exchange and on the size of the stock market capitalization of the company.

The best way to limite the risks that come ith investing in stocks, is to invest in different types of stocks from variety of industries and regions. The result will be a diversified portfolio wich will give you the best returns in the long term.

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