Structured notes and derivative instruments

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By opting for structured notes, you are choosing a potential return that is linked to the underlying securities and you also are entitled to repayment of your capital (partially or in full).*

  • Defined maturity

    And a pre-defined subscription period.

  • Right to reimbursement of capital (partially or in full)*

    At the maturity date set for the bond. Please note that due to various factors, the value of the bond will rise or fall on the secondary market over time If you sell before the maturity date this may incur capital gains or losses.

  • Potentially high coupon

    With the potential for an attractive return on your money.

*Right to full or partial repayment of the initial capital invested by the Issuer at Maturity (excluding fees and charges), except in the case of bankruptcy or payment default (bankruptcy risk) by the Issuer and/or the Guarantor. A Bail-In can be defined as a set of measures imposed by the control authorities, aimed at having the losses of a credit institution in difficulties borne by all or some of its creditors, including investors who bought its Notes. The outcome of such measures is a reduction of the nominal amount of the Notes or their conversion into shares in such a credit institution, with a view to absorbing its losses and/or recapitalising it (a reduction in the nominal amount could, in some cases, result in the Notes being worth nothing).

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