Sustainable investment

Want to make a positive impact, not only for your own future, but that of future generations as well? ING offers you the opportunity to invest in companies that stand out favorably on account of their sustainable development policy. Creating value for your portfolio and for society as a whole.

Add an extra dimension to your investments

Sustainable investments :

  • have a positive impact, ensuring the companies you invest in take sustainable development principles into account in their daily activities.
  • create added value over the long term, offering potentially good returns, even though any investment without a capital guarantee involves risk.
  • are selected according to strict criteria and as with traditional investments, correspond perfectly with ING's global strategy.

ING and sustainability

As a company, bank and player of our society, ING plays an active role in sustainability.

Sustainable investment solutions

At ING, we select, as distributor of funds*, meticulously sustainable funds via a unique selection process fully aligned with environmental, social and good-governance (ESG) criteria.

Indeed, these ESG criteria enable us to evaluate the sustainability of any given investment:

  • ‘Environmental’ refers to businesses' involvement in environmental protection. 
  • ‘Social’ involves the relationships between businesses and people. Not only people's rights but particularly the important relationship between a company and its staff and suppliers. 
  • ‘Governance’ relates to the management of a company, a company's remuneration policy, shareholder rights, and wider interest groups such as taxpayers.

The majority of the products of ING's sustainable offer represent a combination of multiple criteria, an approach which ING supports. ING's sustainable investment approach is aimed to offer funds encouraging both companies and investors to allow sustainable development to play a greater role in their activities and choices.

Depending on your investor profile, you can invest in mixed funds (shares and bonds) or share funds (shares only). The ESG funds are meticulously selected according to the following criteria: the expertise of the fund* manager, the fund's performance, risk, degree of diversification and sustainability impact.

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