Invest with ING

Every investor is unique, and so is our investment advice at ING. How you manage your financial future is your choice, and ING is there to support you. Come and discover the possibilities together with our experts. So we can get to know you better and help you make the right choice for your money.

  • Build up your capital with a regular savings plan.

  • Manage and preserve your capital.

  • Enjoy and transfer your capital.

Our strengths

Straightforward, personalised advice

Together we determine your investment profile to ensure that your investment matches your situation. Once your profile has been determined, everything is ready to invest quickly and easily with the help of our experts. 

Efficient investment solutions

You benefit from top-quality solutions in line with our investment strategy. 

Online access and up-to-date information

You can view your investments online whenever and wherever you like. You also receive information on our investment strategy and market vision each month. 

Investments and taxation

Read all about the tax aspects of investing, and in particular withholding tax, stock exchange tax and the taxation system applicable to SICAV (without European passport).

Our products

Benefit from our high quality products which are in line with our investment strategy. 

Events, news and information

We keep you up to date with our monthly investment strategy updates and market reviews.

International regulations

Read all about investment regulations in Europe and the USA.

Want to know more?

 Taxation per product.