Star Fund

Set up a high-quality pension fund with tax savings, created by NN Investment Partners.

Save for your retirement with this pension savings fund, created by NN Investment Partners, while benefiting from tax savings now and a potentially high return on your investment.

  • Save automatically for your pension

    You decide the amount and frequency of your payments, from as little as €24.

  • High-quality pension fund

    Profit from potentially higher returns over the long-term. But, neither the returns nor your capital are guaranteed.

  • Tax incentives

    Enjoy tax savings equivalent to 30% of the premiums paid with a maximum deductible amount of 960 euros per year.

  • Risks to consider*

    The main risks are market risks, credit risk, currency risk, non-performance risk and capital risk.

* The principle risks associated with Star Fund are explained further down this page.

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