Star Fund

Star Fund is a mutual investment fund under Belgian law with an unlimited term and is managed by NN Investment Partners. This sustainable pension savings fund makes diversified, long-term investments in shares, bonds and liquid assets.

  • To your size

    You choose the amount and frequency of your payments yourself, starting at 24 euros

  • Sustainable

    Star Fund invests in sustainable securities. You could benefit from potentially attractive yields over the long term. However, no guarantee is given on returns or capital.

  • Tax relief

    An investment in Star Fund entitles you to pension savings tax relief in accordance with the provisions of the 1992 Income Tax Code, as described below, subject to changes to fiscal regulations. In principle, repayment of capital can only be requested after 10 years. However, the possibility of exiting the fund prematurely remains available, although this has extremely adverse tax consequences (tax rate of 33%).

  • Risks

    The main risks to which the fund is exposed are market risk, credit risk, liquidity risk, exchange rate risk, non-performance risk, risk of inflation, capital risk, concentration risk and counterparty risk. We advise you to inform yourself thoroughly about the risks associated with Star Fund before you invest in it. You can find this information further down this page under 'the main risks associated with Star Fund'.

  • Charges

    The ongoing charges amount to 1.16% and the subscription fees are 3%.

  • Star Fund is a mutual investment fund (of the pension savings fund type) under Belgian law with a variable number of units. A pension savings fund is an undertaking for collective investment (UCI) that is managed in the sole interest of the unit-holders and whose sole purpose is to invest in financial assets. The pension savings fund's capital rises or falls as unit-holders enter or exit the fund. Via pension savings, you supplement your state pension with a capital that you build up at your own pace.
  • Are you between the ages of 18 and 64 (on 31 December of the year of subscription) and are you a resident of Belgium who pays your personal income taxes in Belgium? In that case you can subscribe to Star Fund.
  • Your payments will be made by direct debit from your ING current account or an ING Invest Account. The only condition is that the (joint) account holder is the same person as holds the account linked to your pension savings fund

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Star Fund is managed by NN Investment Partners, which is responsible for drawing up the selection criteria and for determining and monitoring how the fund is managed.

Star Fund endeavours to be a responsible investor. It does not invest, for example, in companies directly involved in the development, manufacture, maintenance or trading of controversial weapons.

Star Fund does not invest in companies that breach generally accepted values and standards:

  • the Universal Declaration of Human Rights;
  • the main International Labour Organization (ILO) conventions;
  • the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) guidelines for multinational enterprises or;
  • that are closely involved with dictatorial regimes.

From October 2018 Star Fund is further raising its ambitions in the area of sustainability, without compromising its current investment objectives.

In future, the fund* will endeavour only to invest in companies and institutions that pursue sustainable development and:

  • respect the environment (e.g. water management, management of greenhouse gas emissions, green purchasing policy);
  • respect their social role (e.g. good employment conditions, focus on customer satisfaction);
  • ensure good governance of the company itself (e.g. promotion of independence of the Management Board, responsible remuneration policy).

In concrete terms this means that the manager looks beyond purely financial criteria. Even more importance is attached to the sustainability score of the investment candidates when the portfolio is put together.

Furthermore, Star Fund now excludes certain activities to an even greater extent than in the past.

Alongside the existing exclusions, i.e. companies that generate more than 5% of their revenues from

  • weapons, betting, adult entertainment, fur and special leatherware,
  • tobacco and nuclear energy are also excluded.

However, the fund is able to invest in Green Bonds issued by companies active in the nuclear energy sector. Green Bonds are, after all, issued solely for the purpose of financing climate-friendly projects. This list is not definitive and is subject to change. Star Fund therefore combines the characteristics of a widely diversified portfolio with a sustainable investment approach.

More information about the sustainability criteria can be found in the prospectus, which is available under the list of documents in the section above.

*The term “fund” refers to a pension savings fund and a mutual investment fund. 

** The term “pension savings” used on this web page refers to an investment in a pension savings fund

Valid on 31/12/2018 Return (%)
Devise after 1 year after 3 years after 5 years after 10 years Depuis le Since inception
EUR -7.6% 1.2% 3.4% 4.9% 6.18%

Source: Morningstar Direct ™

Actuarial return expressed on an annual basis in the currency of the relevant UCITS over 1 year, 3 years, 5 years, 10 years and since inception. This relates to the end-of-month returns based on historical data.

The returns shown and the changes in net asset value refer to the past, and past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Past returns include fees and commissions, with the exception of entry and exit fees and conversion costs. Past returns are calculated in EUR on an annual basis. The returns shown apply to the investment fund's capitalisation base. The returns between 2008 and 2015 were achieved at a time when the pension savings fund had different characteristics. As a result of the change to the investment policy of the pension savings fund as from 1 October 2018, the returns have been calculated on a different basis as from that date.

ISIN code: BE0026510298

Date of creation of the share class: 19/02/1987

Currency of the share class: The currency of reference is the euro.

  • You pay less tax: An investment in this fund entitles you to pension savings tax relief in accordance with the provisions of the 1992 Income Tax Code, as described below under “taxation”, subject to changes to fiscal regulations. That means it is advantageous whether or not you have been working for a long time. The possibility of exiting the fund prematurely remains available, although this has extremely adverse tax consequences (tax rate of 33%).
  • Sustainable pension savings fund: Star Fund invests in sustainable securities. Over the long term you may receive an attractive return, but the return and your capital are not guaranteed.
  • You contribute at your own pace: Every year the government determines a maximum deductible amount. You choose the amount and frequency of your payments yourself.
  • Starting from 24 euros per month: You can invest a minimum of 24 and a maximum of 960 euros per year (maximum deductible amount for 2018 – 2019 tax year). In this way you gradually build up a large pension capital.
  • You can open and manage your pension savings online: You can track the capital you have built up in Home’Bank and you can manage your payments there as well.

Please note: returns are not guaranteed. You should also take the subscription fees and ongoing charges into account, as described in the following paragraphs. 

The main risks to be considered are as follows:

  • Market risk: The market risk, which takes into consideration past performance and potential future changes in the financial markets in relation to the financial instruments used to attain the investment objectives, is considered high.
  • Credit and counterparty risk: Risk that an issuer or counterparty will default.
  • Liquidity risk: The fund’s liquidity risk is low. Liquidity risks arise if an underlying investment is difficult to sell, putting the repayment of your investment in the fund at risk.
  • Currency risk: The risk that the value of an investment is affected by currency fluctuations is considered average.
  • Non-performance risk: Depending on the investment strategy of the undertaking for collective investment, the return over a specific period may be positive or negative. The non-performance risk is closely related to market risk and is considered high.

No guarantee is given that returns will be obtained and/or that the initial stake will be recovered. Amounts invested in CIUs (Undertaking for Collective Investment) are not covered by the Fund for the protection of deposits and financial instruments.

The net asset value is published on every public banking working day in the Belgian financial press as well as on the BeAMA website (please note: if you click on this link, you will leave the ING website). It is also available at the management company��s registered address and from branches with financial service providers.

  • Entry charge (applicable by ING Belgium): 3%
  • Exit charge: 0%
  • Ongoing charges taken from the Sub-Fund over a year: 1.16% of which 0,90% management fees.
  • A detailed description of all fees is available on page 20 of the prospectus.


  • An investment in Star Fund entitles you to pension savings tax relief in accordance with the provisions of the 1992 Income Tax Code, as described below, subject to changes to fiscal regulations. An investor in Star Fund who is a resident of Belgium (or of a member state of the European Economic Area) and subject to Belgian personal income tax is eligible for the tax relief. The investor must be over 18 and under 64 years of age in the year when the account is opened. The account must also have a minimum term of ten years. The amount that qualifies for tax relief is limited to a maximum purchase amount per taxpayer in each taxable period. This may be increased by Royal Decree. Indexation of the amounts is possible in accordance with the legal provisions. The tax relief is calculated at the special average tax rate of 30%, plus municipal tax. The amount of the payments that qualifies for tax relief in the 2019 tax year is limited to €960/year. The tax relief amounts to 30% of the amount invested (=> 2018, 2019 tax year: max. €288 + municipal taxes).
  • From 2015 to 2019, there is an annual anticipatory levy of 1% on the final tax. This anticipatory levy is calculated on the savings that had been built up as at 31 December 2014.
  • Repayment of capital: The tax rate amounts to 8% in principle, but is reduced by the amount of the anticipatory levy. In principle, repayment of capital can only be requested after 10 years. However, the possibility of exiting the fund prematurely remains available, although this has extremely adverse tax consequences (tax rate of 33%). For more information on the tax rate, please refer to pages 22-23 of the prospectus.
  • What is the tax basis? For payments made from 1 January 1993 onwards, the taxable income for the investor in the pension savings fund is equal to the net amount of the payments, capitalised at a flat rate of 4.75%, irrespective of the actual return achieved. Payments made before 1 January 1993 are capitalised at a rate of 6.25%.
  • Tax when the pension is paid out: In accordance with the Star Fund investment policy, it is possible for the fund to invest more than 10% of its assets directly and/or indirectly in instruments that give rise to interest payments, as envisaged in EU Directive 2003/48/EC. An investor who is a natural person subject to personal income tax in Belgium and is acting within the context of the ordinary management of his/her private assets could therefore be subject to withholding tax (30%) upon the redemption (or liquidation) of his/her units. At present, Star Fund does not have to be regarded as an investment that gives rise to interest payments within the meaning of EU Directive 2003/48/EC. Consequently, no such withholding tax liability arises.
  • Tax certificate: Every year, in the month of May, you will receive a tax certificate for the contributions you made in the preceding year. You can also download the certificate from Home’Bank, along with a number of other tax certificates.

Contact us online:, call us: +32 2 464 60 04 or send us a letter: ING Complaint Management, Cours Saint-Michel/Sint-Michielswarande 60, 1040 Brussels.

Have you already been in touch with ING? You can also contact Ombudsfin, North Gate II, Avenue Roi Albert II 8, 1000 Brussels, call +32 2 545 77 70 or send an email to

The Belgian Star Fund pension savings fund is offered (to acceptance by ING Belgium SA/NV and mutual agreement) by: ING Belgium SA/NV – Bank. Head office: Avenue Marnix/Marnixlaan 24, B-1000 Brussels – Brussels Register of Companies – VAT BE 0403.200.393 – BIC (SWIFT): BBRUBEBB - IBAN (account): BE45 3109 1560 2789 (310-9156027-89).

This publicity message is a public offer and not a personal recommendation and does not constitute investment advice in accordance with Article 46, 9° and 10° of the law of 6 April 1995 on the status and supervision of investment companies. Customers should assess this information for themselves in the light of their own individual situation, taking account of their financial situation and their investment objectives. Customers remain solely and fully liable for the use they choose to make of such information and the consequences of their decisions.

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