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16 April 2018

Wealth Management

Our Private Bankers detail the different types of assets management.

You can let us help you manage your assets in 3 different ways:
Kronos investment solution:

with this option, your portfolio is completely taken care of by a team of experts who manage the fund exclusively for ING Private Banking.

Discretionary management: 

you entrust the management of your portfolio entirely to our team of experts, headed by your own Private Banker. You and your Private Banker sit together on a regular basis to review the results of this process, to ensure you maintain control.

Investment advice: 

you take all decisions regarding the composition of your portfolio yourself, on the basis of expert advice from your Portfolio Manager .

Kronos investment solution

ING Private Banking's Kronos investment solution is intended especially for people who value simplicity, returns and professional risk management. 

The MSP Kronos management team strives to optimise the risk-adjusted returns of your portfolio through diversification (different asset classes, regions and activity sectors) and a responsible choice of instruments. 

Whichever risk level you choose to accept, there is always a formula that meets your needs. You can keep track of every decision via Smart'Banking, Home'Bank and a personal management report. The minimum investment threshold for subscribing to the Kronos investment solution is 250,000 euro

Discretionary management
Personalised discretionary asset management tailored to you

With our personalised discretionary management formula, you are assigned a personal-Portfolio Manager. He or she manages your portfolio, taking your needs and wishes into account in every investment decision (discretionary management). 

Investment advice
With investment advice, you are in charge