Personal & Private Banking

17 July 2018

Your ING Personal Banker

Your ING Personal Banker is your personal, confidential adviser at ING. Discover how he can help you.

Personal Banking

How do I protect my loved ones no matter what happens? How do I prepare for my retirement and benefit from tax incentives? How do I get the best return on my capital when I retire? How do I compile a balanced and diversified portfolio? How do I define my investment profile?

You Personal Banker can provide answers to all of these questions and more, taking full account of your specific circumstances and your financial goals.

4 cornerstones

Your ING Personal Banker offers a personalised approach to your financial assets, centred around four cornerstones:

Because you want the best for the ones closest to you, we help you protect your family from financial worries, whatever lies around the corner.

In fact, what would the financial impact be for your family if you were unable to work, even temporarily? Or what would happen to your assets in the event of your sudden death? Your ING Personal Banker will present you with an overview of the various solutions available to you.

The inclusion of accident or disability risk cover is a basic precaution to ensure a care-free future.

Because your expectations and requirements need unique solutions, your ING Personal Banker can propose investment solutions that are perfectly suited to your objectives

Management of your portfolio can cover several objectives:

  • Building up your asset base
  • Protecting your assets
  • Providing you with additional income

Your ING Personal Banker will therefore help you to build up a balanced portfolio suited to your objectives, your investment horizon and your investor profile.

How is your investor profile determined?

Together with you, your ING Personal Banker will analyse your knowledge of financial products, experience, attitude to risk and investment horizon. Four investor profiles can result from this analysis, from the most conservative to the most dynamic:

  • Conservative
  • Moderated
  • Balanced
  • Dynamic

Depending on the profile that best corresponds to you, the current breakdown of your investment portfolio and your objectives, your ING Personal Banker will offer an effective strategy, with products ideally suited to your personal situation.

Your Personal Banker can also help you evaluate a variety of solutions, both tax related and otherwise, so you can maintain your standard of living and get the most from your retirement.

Additionally, your Personal Banker will support you when it comes to financing your projects. Together, you will pinpoint your needs so that he or she can refer you to one of our lending experts.