Invest with advice

You will soon get in touch with your adviser

What to expect from this meeting? The purpose of this meeting is to discuss your current situation and your plans. Once your adviser has a complete picture, he or she can help you plan your future and, if you wish, offer solutions that suit your personal situation, needs and objectives.

Knowing you better, is serving you better!

How will we proceed?

Your adviser will discuss your current situation with you: have there been any changes in your family? What about your income, expenses and your pension? These questions should provide a good basis for talking about your goals, plans and how we can help you achieve them.

Your adviser will of course prepare this conversation based on the data available, but (s)he does not have access to all information. That is why we need you to give us some information during this meeting.

Which information do we need?

We need your global financial information to get a complete overview of your financial situation.

The following information would be useful:

  • Your savings capacity
  • Your loans outside ING
  • Your pension

Please also keep your bank card and ID card at hand.

What we are doing with your data

As your trusted banker, we believe it is our duty and in our mutual interest that we get to know you even better. Therefore, we will use your data, amongst others, to:

  • analyze and show you; relevant insights and an overview of your financial situation via our tool
  • provide you with tailor-made (marketing) communication for banking, financial or insurance products.

Sometimes we can approach you pro-actively and invite you to discuss our offering

in-person with the ING advisor. For example, we might contact you when something changes in your financial situation and this means that your early retirement goal is being at risk.

We save your simulation data for 3 years so you and your ING advisor can easily use it again

Protection of your personal data and right to opt-out

For more detailed information on how we process personal data (e.g. control & prevention of irregularities and evaluation of our overall customer relationship) have a look at our data protection statement and article 6 of our General Regulations. Here you will find how we handle personal data including the forms of processing, their purposes and legal grounds, and your rights in this respect.

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact the data protection delegate

( or the ING Privacy Office, Cours Saint Michel 60, 1040 Brussels).

If you don’t want that ING Belgium processes your data for direct marketing purposes, you can easily oppose via your Home’Bank.