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Protecting your loved ones

Protecting your family is relevant at any age. Because you undoubtedly want the best for your loved ones, you want them to keep the same standard of living no matter what happens to you. So you need to prepare…

The best insurance choices

There are a number of insurance policies to cover your family. Your Personal Banker can present them to you and determine with you which ones are best suited to your situation.

Inheritance insurance

Do you want to avoid your loved ones having to draw on their savings to pay the inheritance duty linked to your securities portfolio? Then take out accidental insurance linked among other things to your ING securities portfolio1. If you should die accidentally, your beneficiaries would receive an appropriate amount; a percentage of the value of the ING securities portfolio. Your beneficiaries will be able to pay all or part of the inheritance duty linked to the value of your securities portfolio. 

Fixed capital life insurance

How can you ensure the quality of life of your loved ones if you should die? Take out fixed capital life insurance where the beneficiaries receive a capital amount, which you have previously chosen, to manage the loss of income related to your death, as well as expected and unexpected costs (rent, children's education, inheritance duty, etc.).

Income insurance

Protect your loved ones in the event of accidental death by taking out income insurance linked to your ING current account. If you should die as a result of an accident, your designated beneficiary will receive monthly payments for a full year (payments based on your account movements before the accidental death). 

Inheritance: everything you need to know

The death of a close relative is emotionally difficult and often confronts heirs with a whole series of administrative and legal steps. You should know that you can limit the worry related to the complexity of inheriting from you. Your Personal Banker is a fully reliable source of information, and you can rely on their discretion.  

Inheritance duty

Whoever inherits has to pay inheritance duty. The rate of this duty depends on the amount inherited as well as the degree of relationship with the deceased. In addition, each region has its own rate. Your Personal Banker can help you calculate the amount of this inheritance duty.

“65% of Belgians are planning a donation to reduce inheritance duty. ”

In their lifetime, a person can make arrangements to pass on part of their assets through a donation. This reduces the inheritance duty of their heirs. There are several ways to make a donation: by notarial deed, by bank donation, by including certain clauses, etc. Your Personal Banker can give you more information about this.


Extrajudicial mandate

You might find yourself in a situation where your physical or mental health temporarily or permanently means that you can no longer make important decisions about your assets for yourself. An extrajudicial protection mandate gives you the chance to prepare for this eventuality and protect yourself.