Invest with advice

12 May 2022

Savings and investment advice

Your Personal Banker offers you savings and investment solutions that are perfectly tailored to your investment profile and financial expectations. They advise you and offer you solutions to meet your needs.

Your savings objectives

How can you build up your savings reserves? What options should you choose for your personal savings and for your children's and/or grandchildren's savings? Whatever questions you have about our savings solutions, your Personal Banker is on hand to guide you towards the best choices in the short, medium and long term.

“Every year, prices increase by an average of 2% in Belgium. Yet savings income is stable at 0.11%. ”

Your investment objectives

Do you want to optimise your return? Do you want to invest in order to make a particular project a reality? How long will it be until your money is available again? What risks are you prepared to take, for what potential return? This information is essential. Your Personal Banker will ensure that your personal situation is taken into account and determine your investment profile with you in order to best advise you. 

Your investment profile

Using a questionnaire, your Personal Banker works with you to develop the investment profile that suits you. Several important criteria are taken into account:

  • your knowledge of financial products and your experience in this area
  • your financial situation
  • your investment horizon
  • your investment objectives
  • the degree of risk you are prepared to take
Defining the investment strategy

To define ING’s investment strategy, our Chief Investment Officer first carries out a thorough analysis of the macroeconomic environment. Our fund selection team then carries out a qualitative selection in order to offer you investment funds providing the best performance prospects. ING offers various funds managed by independent management companies. This is what is known as guided open architecture.

At ING, in addition to in-house funds, you can choose your investment funds from a selection of five prominent managers: Amundi, BlackRock, FranklinTempleton, NN Investment Partners and AXA Investment Managers. You can find more information at

The combination of a rigorous selection process and a broad range of funds is the foundation for an effective investment advice strategy. 

You are always in control…

Your Personal Banker helps you build a diversified portfolio of savings and investment products and regularly monitors your situation. You can rely on their expertise, advice and support at any time. However, you alone make the decision to take out a savings plan, invest, sell or buy a certain a financial product. You are always in control of your money.