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12 May 2022

Optimising your pension

Want to enjoy your retirement the way you deserve? Your Personal Banker is there to offer you tailored solutions before and during your retirement.

“65% of Belgians are concerned about their financial situation after they retire… But only 11% are preparing for it”

Before you retire

Are you currently building up your pension in the best possible way? Are you informed about the relevant possibilities? Your Personal Banker can offer you solutions (fiscally attractive, if your situation allows, or non-fiscal) to make up the difference with the standard of living you enjoy before you retire.

It should be noted that in Belgium, the pension consists of four pillars:

  • statutory pension (first pillar)
  • supplementary non-statutory pension (second pillar)
  • individual scheme (third pillar)
  • non-fiscal scheme aimed at building a fund for yourself (fourth pillar)

The first and second pillars will probably not be sufficient to maintain your current standard of living. Hence the importance of creating additional personal savings through the third and fourth pillars. For more information on the various pillars, see our article

After you retire

Being retired means being active! There are lots of ideas, and these often require the use of means built up throughout your life. But how can you best manage this pension capital? Different solutions exist to help you make your projects a reality and provide you with an additional income to take full advantage of your retirement. Your Personal Banker looks at options with you that best meet your expectations.