Personal Banking

23 May 2019

ING Personal Banking conferences

What is the best way to invest? In shares or bonds? Is the market too expensive? At ING Personal Banking, we are happy to help you answer these and other questions.

We will share our knowledge and expertise with you!

Alongside our newsletters and our economic publications, we also organise various conferences throughout the year. This allows us to get together in a relaxed setting, and it gives you the opportunity to take maximum advantage of our economic expertise.

We will always keep you informed about current news and (changing) economic prospects, as well as ING's general investment strategy.

What are the strengths of our conferences?
  • They are organised several times a year
  • They are held all over Belgium
  • The subjects discussed are always topical and interesting
What does an ING Personal Banking conference look like? Find out in the video (FR) below!

Discover the ING Personal Banking conferences!

The next cycle?

Upcoming conferences will deal with sustainability and socially responsible investing, which is this year's hot topic. We will present the following topics:

  • 'What is sustainability and how can you make sustainable investments?'
  • 'What's ING's strategy for sustainable investing?'

Are you interested? Keep an eye on this page!