Invest with advice

Financing your projects

Whether you need cash temporarily or want to buy a second home, your Personal Banker listens to you and supports you throughout the journey. All at the same time as optimising your credits* and projects in terms of tax.

Short-term credit

Got an unexpected expense? Want to change your vehicle? Or do you need cash temporarily? Perhaps you could dip into your savings first. You could also consider an overdraft facility or a short-term loan. Your Personal Banker can help you find the most appropriate solution.

“More and more Belgians are buying a second home. ”

Mortgage loan

Buying your first house, renovating your home, installing solar panels, building, buying another property in Belgium or abroad… Your Personal Banker analyses your situation with you and directs you to a credit expert who will offer you the solution that best suits you. 

*"Remember, borrowing money costs money."

* Overdraft facilities or loans for private purposes subject to the consumer credit law. Offer reserved for adult private individuals, subject to acceptance by ING

in Belgium and mutual agreement. The general terms and charges for this loan can be found in all ING branches and can be consulted at (heading "Charges and regulations").