Personal Banking

25 July 2019

4 ways to benefit from a Personal Banker

How to get a balanced investment portfolio, based on the best investment advice. Set up your pension the best way. Protect your family if something happens to you. Get tailored advice now, from your Personal Banker.

What does a Personal Banker do?

A Personal Banker advises clients with assets of 100,000 euros or more on investments, pensions, financial protection and credit. A Personal Banker is your personal point of contact and can act as an intermediary between you and a specialist

1. Protecting your family and assets

Do you want to set up your pension in the best possible way? Do you want the best for your family and loved ones, no matter what happens to you? Or perhaps you want to limit the impact of a possible occupational disability?

A Personal Banker not only helps you to choose tailor-made insurances, such as life insurance and income insurance. He or she will also ensure the continuity and protection of your assets. In doing so, your Personal Banker takes into account your personal situation, your (future) financial needs and the priorities for you and your family. Personal Banker services are also known as private banking.  

2. Better preparation for your retirement

You probably want to maintain the same standard of living when you retire. You might even want to improve your lifestyle. You could travel, or pick up the hobbies for which you had less time during your busy career. Your statutory pension and the amount you accumulate through pension savings may, however, not be sufficient for you to maintain the same standard of living.

Whether you are 20, 40 or 60 years old, your Personal Banker will be happy to provide you with tax and investment advice and solutions – both before and during your retirement. This will allow you to close the gap, step by step, between your current standard of living and what you can expect to enjoy in retirement.

Your Personal Banker will also advise you on the management of your pension capital. You may also want investment advice on the best investment opportunities for generating a regular income from your assets. In which case your Personal Banker can offer you a variety of tailor-made solutions.

Wondering what a Personal Banker can do for you in practice? Read how our client, Jan, experienced Personal Banking at ING

3. Savings, financing and investment advice

Your Personal Banker will help you create a diversified portfolio of savings and investment products. The focus is on protecting and growing your assets, possibly supplemented with savings and/or the best investment funds. And perhaps structured to generate a regular income.

Your Personal Banker monitors your financial situation regularly and you can contact him or her at any time for advice. Your Personal Banker provides advice based on your personal profile, but the decisions on subscribing to a savings plan, when to invest or when to resell a particular financial product are entirely your own. So you retain control of your money at all times. 

4. Expertise is as close as a phone call

Your Personal Banker will be happy to meet you where and when it suits you. He or she can be reached every working day between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., and will be happy to meet you at the office or your home. You will also receive regular information on economic trends, legislative changes, investment trends, etc. – by means of newsletters and at events. And you will always benefit from the large network of knowledge and expertise offered by ING. For example on issues such as taxation and wealth transfer within your family. 

Discover the advantages of a Personal Banker now.