Private Banking

Civil law partnerships

A useful, safe instrument for retaining the necessary control

Why create a civil law partnership?

A Civil law partnership can be an interesting technique of inheritance planning for the larger estates.

A civil law partnership is a simple and flexible type of company. Combined with a donation, it allows you, for example, to transfer your investments to your heirs during your lifetime and yet retain control of your investments and continue to enjoy the revenues from them.

It can also be a useful instrument for transferring and managing the shares of your family business. If you contribute the assets of your family company to a Civil law partnership, you can start preparing the transfer without loss of control (even selling) nor revenues (if so desired).

Extensive accompaniment by your WAP adviser

Your WAP advisor will help you decide whether a Civil law partnership could be useful to you.

If so, he can help you set it up and draw up the bylaws. This way, you can rest assured that all your wishes regarding the organization and management of your assets will be met to the maximum.

And once the Civil law partnership has been set up he will help you, together with your Private Banker, with the management of the partnership:

    * drawing up the minutes of the yearly general meeting

    * assistance whenever the bylaws need to be modified to reflect changing circumstances or legislation

    * keeping the register of parts up to date

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