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3 January 2019

ING Family Business

The Oostwegel family testifies

In many cases, the transfer of a family business involves a considerable amount of stress and headaches for both the transfer or and transferee. Transferring a business raises a lot of emotions, questions and doubts. This is more than normal. 

Often the easiest way out is chosen: postponing, and the can is kicked down the road. However, a good and timely preparation can provide an answer to all your questions and reduce any concerns to a minimum.

A process with attention for emotions and clear communication leads to more understanding, greater involvement and trust. The odds for a successful transfer increase drastically. 

Do you have questions or doubts regarding the transfer processes? Do not hesitate to contact us.

"If you go too fast, the business can't always follow"

Watch the story of the Oostwegel family, the owners of the hotel and restaurant chain of the same name, here. In this testimonial, the family members share their personal concerns as well as some practical tips:

  • How long does it take to prepare for the transfer?
  • How do you decide on who will succeed you at the helm of  the company? 
  • What about the other family members in the company? How do they deal with these decisions?
  • How do you prepare the organization for a new approach?

The Oostwegel video was awarded a Golden Heron as the best commissioned film at the Dutch Film Festival.

Click here to see how the Oostwegel family is preparing for a structured transfer, taking into account both the company and the family.

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