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28 May 2019

Financial planning

The basis for a future free of financial worries

What is financial planning?

A financial plan is a study which analyses and optimises the structure, management, protection and transfer of your assets.

Based on this, a plan is drawn up to establish how you can maintain your standard of living now and above all in the future.

Among other things it takes account of:

  • Current and future sources of income
  • how your assets are expected to evolve
  • current and future risks
  • ...

With attention given tot he structure, management and protection of your assets

The structure of your assets depends on, inter alia:

  • your current and future income and expenditure
  • capital gains that you realise on selling certain private or business assets, including the possible sale of your business if you are an entrepreneur
  • future projects that you wish to carry out
  • ...

How you manage your assets plays a major part in this of course, as do the risks you are - or are not - prepared to take in doing so.

A good financial plan also pays attention to the protection of your assets, and by extension, all that is valuable to you.

The WAP will therefore also take a look at the insurance coverage you have and should have so that not just your home and car are well insured but if anything unexpected should happen to you, your spouse and children will be protected.

Without losing track of your transferred assets

Last, but not least, a financial plan can be supplemented with an inheritance plan in which the transfer of your assets to your heir is arranged in an expert, legally correct and tax-wise optimal manner.

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