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A financial plan: legal and tax advice on your wealth

Proper planning makes for peace of mind!

You received an inheritance calculation and you wish to optimize the impact and bring it better in line with your objectives. In that case, a structuring of your assets is in order. This is a complex matter and requires a legally and fiscally sound analysis. The WAP advisor, being an expert, is the ideal person for the job.

Safe inheritance planning

Your WAP advisor can advise you on your inheritance planning. And not just by keeping inheritance tax for your heirs within limits.

After all, there is a wide variety of points of concern:

  • Are the financial interests of your partner adequately protected?
  • Are your children (possibly from different marriages) to be treated equally (or not)?
  • Do you wish to favor a good cause?
  • Do you want to transfer your assets while retaining control for a while?
  • Have you considered the possibilities of an extrajudicial mandate?
  • Do you wish to keep certain family assets in the family?
  • ...

Your WAP advisor can integrate your wishes in a well-balanced advice that is focused on your personal situation.

Have the transfer of your business properly accompanied

You can equally turn to your WAP advisor for guidance in the transfer of your company.

He is the perfect partner to initiate the assessment of diverse options: donation, sale or a combination of both… your WAP advisor helps you put things into perspective.

Not only the financial impact for the transferor is taken into account but it is also possible to consider the consequences, options and funding options for the buyer. These considerations are all the more important if the acquirers are related to you.

Alongside your proper tax, financial and legal advisors, your WAP advisor can assist you in word and deed throughout the process.

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