ING Private Banking

Do you have 1 million euros or more in investable assets or you have a minimum of 500,000 euros invested assets? Then you can call on the services of your own Private Banker to help protect, grow and/or transfer your wealth.

Enjoy the personal touch with ING Private Banking, your very own private bank!

  • You can count on personalised advice from a financial expert with years of experience in the field of wealth management.

  • Your Private Banker is an integral and discrete confidant offering tailored services for you, your family and your business.

  • Behind your Private Banker lies a team of wealth management experts with whom he or she is in constant contact.

  • As a universal bank, we boast a wide range of in-house expertise, of which you, as a private banking client, can reap the full benefits.

  • ING Private Banking works according to an open architecture. Which means that we select the best products and funds for you, even if they are not managed by ING.

  • Like you, ING Private Banking believes sustainability is very important. In order to encourage sustainability, we also offer specific sustainable solutions.

Our approach works! Find out here why ING Private Banking was chosen as the best Private Bank of Belgium 2019.

Investment solutions tailored to your needs

You can count on expert advice from a financial specialist with years of experience in asset management. This advice is tailored to your needs, assets, personality, interests and future objectives.

Legal and taxation advice

What do you hope to achieve with your assets over the coming years? How much control do you wish to retain? And how do you wish to divide your assets later between your partner, children or other inheritors? Together with your private banker and our legal and taxation experts, we help you protect, structure and/or transfer your assets in accordance with your needs and objectives.

Products and services
Whether it be regarding the diversification of your portfolio, philanthropic projects or your inheritance, ING Private Banking has a wealth of in-house expertise covering all aspects of asset management and estate planning.

News and publications

Stay up to date with the latest developments from the world of finance. And keep your finger on the pulse of shifts in the legislative and taxation landscape.

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