Private Banking

8 June 2020

Products and services for your capital

Whether it be the composition of your portfolio, managing your charitable foundation or planning your estate, ING Private Banking boasts a team of in-house specialists covering every aspect of your wealth management and estate planning. There is no need, in other words, to call on different banks or departments. Your Private Banker can assist you with everything.

For your wealth

Wealth management

You can let us help you manage your assets in 4 different ways:

  • Kronos investment solution: with this option, your portfolio is completely taken care of by a team of experts who manage the fund exclusively for ING Private Banking.
  • Anthea investment solution: With this option, your portfolio is managed by a team of experts who select the fund based purely on sustainable (ESG: Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria.
  • Discretionary management: with this option, your Portfolio Manager and a team of experts will take complete care of your portfolio. You will meet regularly with your Portfolio Manager to discuss the results, meaning you stay in control.
  • ´╗┐Investment advice: you are fully in charge of all decisions on the composition of your portfolio, and your Private Banker or Portfolio Manager will act in an advisory role. 

In addition, you can also call on our services for:

Legal and taxation advice

Our teams also comprise legalists and taxation experts. They are at your disposal for assistance with:

  • structuring your assets and tax liability
  • succession planning
  • founding, transferring or selling your family business
  • mergers and acquisitions
  • Executive Desk
  • charitable foundations and donations

Savings and investment insurance
  • Branch 21 and 23 insurance products

For yourself, your family and your business

At ING you will also find everything you need for managing your banking affairs for yourself, your business and/or your family. Your Private Banker can refer you to the right people and services.

Finance for your business and private projects
  • Overdraft facilities
  • Medium and long-term borrowings
  • Bank guarantees
Business accounts
  • Current and savings accounts
  • Money market funds
Daily banking
  • Online and mobile banking on your smartphone, tablet and computer
  • Insurance for your car, travel, home and personal liability
  • Personalised advice at your branch
The ART Society: The first Belgian association of art collectors

The Art Society organises monthly excursions for art enthusiasts and collectors. Such as visits to studios, private collections, museums, conferences and galleries.