Trackers (ETFs)

Invest in the broad range of ING trackers!

You invest in all the equities of an index or equity basket in a single transaction through a tracker or ETF (Exchange Traded Fund). Take advantage of ING's diversified offering.

  • Diversified offering

    In one single transaction, you can invest in all the shares that are combined in an index.

  • Low fees

    Your management fees are lower than those that apply to an equity portfolio.

  • Easy to trade

    Trackers are listed on the stock exchange and can therefore be bought and sold very easily.

A tracker or Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) is a fund that is listed on the stock exchange. Its performance is modelled as precisely as possible on that of an index or basket of equities. To obtain this likeness, the fund invests in the equities that make up the index. For example, if the Euro Stoxx 50 index climbs by 2%, the Euro Stoxx 50 tracker will do the same. There are trackers based on different indices, commodities, regions or sectors. This means that there are a huge and varied number of investment options.

  • As diverse as a fund: by buying a tracker, you invest in all the equities that make up an index, in a single transaction.

  • As easily traded as shares: trackers are listed on the stock exchange. It is therefore very easy to buy and sell them.

  • Low costs: trackers passively follow the index they are linked to. The charges are therefore lower than for an equity portfolio, as the latter requires active management by managers.

  • Buy a tracker in Home'Bank

    1. View our full offering.

    2. Copy the ISIN code of the tracker you want to buy.

    3. In Home'Bank, go to "Investments > My investments > Buy" and click on "Shares listed on the stock exchange".

    4. Paste the ISIN code into the field "via the ISIN code" and click "Search".

    5. Click on the name of the equity to access the details. Choose "Buy".

  • Enjoy discounts in Home'Bank
    If you place your stock exchange orders through Home'Bank, you can also benefit from the following discounts:

    • 50% off brokerage fees/commissions for Euronext orders

    • 40% off brokerage fees/commissions for non-Euronext orders

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