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ING Easy Invest, your investment plan

Invest how often and how much you want with an investment plan.

With ING Easy Invest, you have an investment plan that you can open and monitor fully online. You choose one of the four funds** compiled by the ING experts, depending on your needs and appetite for risk and, how much you want to invest on a regular basis. So easy!

Until 31 December 2022, you pay no entry fees when you open an ING Easy Invest investment account.

> Read the terms and conditions of this promotion here.

  • Accessible

    No need to be a stock market guru, the ING experts manage the fund for you.

  • Customised

    You choose 1 of the 4 funds depending on how much or how little risk you are willing to take.

  • Affordable

    You choose how much you want to invest periodically. This can be from as little as 10 euros a month at your own pace.

  • Easy

    You can start, change and pause your periodic investmnt plan wherever and whenever you want.

  • Responsible

    The funds combine a positive impact on society with a potential financial return.

There's a clear link between the amount of risk you take and how much return you can potentially make. The higher the risk, the greater the potential return on your investment.

By choosing a periodic plan you can limit the risk by:

  • Risk spreading: you invest a certain amount periodically and avoid investing all your capital at the same time.
  • Diversifying your investment: you invest in different sectors, regions and activities, since by varying it you are limiting the risks and not putting all your eggs in one basket.
  • Market risk: taking into account the results achieved in the past and a potential evolution in the financial markets, the market risk associated with financial instruments used to achieve investment objectives is considered high.
  • Capital risk: the investor has no guarantee or capital protection. The value of the investments may go up as well as down. The risk is considered high.
  • Foreign exchange risk: investing the funds in foreign markets. The value may be affected by exchange rate fluctuations.
  • Financial, economic and political risks: there are various factors that can have an impact on financial instruments, such as the economic development of the issuers and the general global economy.

1. Not yet an ING customer? If you don’t yet have a current account with ING, you will need to open an ING Lion Account first. All it takes is a few easy steps.

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2. Already an ING customer? Open your ING Easy Invest investment account, choose the fund that best suits your risk appetite and you are ready to start investing.

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3. Manage your ING Easy Invest investment account. You can do this easily via Home’Bank.

  • Opening, managing and closing your ING Easy Invest is free.
  • Custody fee: the securities that you buy through ING Easy Invest are held free of charge.
  • Charges specific to the fund: check the Key Investor Information Document for the chosen fund. The link to this document will be shown to you when you open an ING Easy Invest account.