How to start investing: your first steps

Made up your mind? Ready to start investing? Great! The next question is how to go about it. Explore the various options to start investing. ​

Step 1: Saving

People in Belgium are famously known for being big savers. That’s a good thing of course, because you need to be prepared for unexpected expenses. Before you think about how to start investing, you need to have savings aside for a rainy day. You never know when your car might break down or you need to have the heating repaired. ​

Step 2: Saving for your pension

Another thing you need to take care of before you start investing is your pension. Top up your statutory pension by saving for your pension. By doing that you also benefit from a potential tax advantage of: ​

  • 30% (for saved amounts up to 990 euros)​
  • 25% (for saved amounts up to 1,270 euros)​

Our simulation tool can show you how much your pension will be as well as the various solutions to optimise it. 

Step 3: Investing

When both previous steps are covered, you can look into how to start investing. How to go about it? Do you need to listen to all kinds of financial podcasts to learn how to invest? Of course not! At ING you get to choose which method suits you best: investing by yourself, with the advice of our experts to build your portfolio or letting experts do the work for you. ​

Not sure which of these methods to choose? Answer 4 questions to discover which way of investing is for you. 

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