How to start investing: your first steps!

Made up your mind? Ready to start investing? Great! The next question is how to go about it. At ING, you get various options.

Tip 1: Saving for the unexpected

Here in Belgium, we’re renowned for our savings culture. Which is good, because you always need a buffer for unexpected expenses. Before investing, we recommend that you put enough savings aside to prepare for a rainy day. How much you should save depends on your personal situation.

Tip 2: Choose a pension savings plan

Already have a savings buffer? For most people, the next step is a pension savings plan. It’s a good way to supplement your statutory pension later while taking advantage of potential tax breaks now. Read more about the different types of pension savings plans and the potential tax relief.

Tip 3: 1 and 2 are covered? Let's start investing!

Already saving for your pension? Still have some left? Why not put that money to work? At ING, you can invest online all by yourself, opt for a solution with advice from the bank or let ING experts do the work for you. Not sure which of these methods to choose? Answer 4 questions to discover which way of investing is for you.

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