Templeton Asian Growth Fund

Exposure to one of the fastest growing region

The fund aims to achieve long-term capital appreciation by investing primarily in equity securities listed in Asia (excluding Australia, New Zealand and Japan).

  • This fund is designed for investors...

    • seeking capital appreciation by investing in securities of companies in Asia, including Emerging Markets,
    • planning to hold their investment for the medium to long term.


    The main risks for the Sub-Fund are :

    • fluctuation of the net asset value of the sub-fund due to stock exchange movements: risk of capital loss for the investor.
    • potential investments in emerging markets, which can be particularly volatile: stronger price rises or falls may occur over the short term.
    • exposure to foreign currencies: the fund may be both favourably and unfavourably influenced by exchange rate fluctuations.

The net asset value is calculated in Belgium each bank working day. The net asset value is published every public banking business day in Belgium in the financial press, as well as on the BeAMA website ( It is also available at the Management Company’s registered address and over the counter from your financial services provider.

A swing price may be applied. Swing pricing aims to reduce the dilution effect brought about when significant operations within a sub-fund compel its manager to buy or sell its underlying assets. These transactions give rise to transaction fees and taxes that have an effect on the fund’s value, as well as on all its investors. Where swing pricing is applied, the sub-fund’s net asset value is adjusted by a particular amount when the capital flow exceeds a certain threshold (the swing factor). This amount is designed to offset expected transaction fees resulting from the difference between incoming and outgoing capital. Swing pricing is only used on rare occasions, if at all.

Please refer to the Templeton Asian Growth Fund prospectus (PDF) for additional information.

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