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ING Invest Account

Find out about our investment account!

Do you need a free investment account to make managing your investments easier? When you choose the ING Invest Account, you can do this online and also enjoy discounts on transactions carried out using Home'Bank, ING's online bank.

  • Diverse range

    You have access to a very diverse range of investment options.

  • Monitor investments online

    You can track your investments from anywhere at anytime using Home’Bank.

  • Discounts via Home’Bank

    When you manage your investments in Home’Bank, you can obtain discounts on fees and commissions.

The ING Invest Account is a separate account for your investment transactions. It allows you to keep your investments completely separate from your everyday banking.

Anyone who wants to manage their investments in the best possible way. You can have various currencies on this account, which will display the value at today's rate.

For even greater investment convenience, you can link this free investment account to an ING securities account.

You can keep an eye on your investments at any time and from anywhere using Home'Bank.

For further information, you can contact an ING liaison officer at any time.

  • In 3 simple steps:

    • Step 1: open your investment account with no charges. The ING Invest Account is a free investment account which allows you to perform your investment transactions. This means you can keep your investments entirely separate from your everyday banking. Open your ING Invest Account directly in Home'Bank.

    • Step 2: open your free securities account, which is linked to your ING Invest Account. When you open an ING securities account, you are opting for maximum investment convenience, and you can view your portfolio at any time you choose. You have the option to link one such account to your ING Invest Account free of charge when you subscribe to an investment in Home'Bank.

    • Step 3: manage your investments wherever you are via Home’Bank and our apps for smartphone and tablet, and send in your orders in just a few minutes. From Home’Bank, go to Services > Savings and Investments > Investments..

  • Via Home'Bank, you will receive:

    • a 50% discount on brokerage fees and commissions for your Euronext stock exchange orders
    • a 40% discount on brokerage fees and commissions for your non-Euronext stock exchange orders
    • a 20% discount on the sales charge when you invest in ING funds.
  • If you do not yet have access to Home'Bank, find out how to start banking online straight away!

    You can also send your orders via Phone'Bank on +32 2 464 60 04, or from your ING branch.

This investment account is free of charge.

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