Our range of trackers

Discover the full range of trackers below which you can buy and sell via Home’Bank, your ING branch or Phone’Bank. Some of the terms used are also explained below.

  • ISIN code: the international identification number assigned to all securities which makes it easy to find and buy trackers via Home’Bank.
  • Accumulation or distribution: indicates what the fund does with income such as interest and dividends.
    • In the case of accumulation, any income (dividents, interest, etc.) is automatically reinvested in the fund. In other words, there are no dividends.
    • In the case of distribution, the income generated by the fund is not reinvested but paid out in the form of a dividend.
  • TER or Total Expense Ratio: the costs of an investment fund as a percentage of its total assets (excluded brokerage fee).
    For more information on fees, please refer to charges applied to the main securities transactions of ING Belgium SA.
  • TSET or Tax on Stock Exchange Transactions: the tax payable whenever you buy or sell a tracker.
Tracker ISIN-code Currency Accumulation/distribution TER FTT

How to buy trackers via Home’Bank?

  1. View our full range of trackers above.
  2. Copy the ISIN code of the tracker you wish to buy.
  3. Log in to Home’Bank and go to “Savings and investments > My savings accounts and investments > Investments > Buying” and click on “Listed securities”.
  4. Paste the ISIN code in the field “via the ISIN code” and click “Search”.
  5. Click on the security name to display the details. Choose “Buy”.

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