Franklin Technology Fund

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The fund aims to achieve capital appreciation by investing at least two-thirds of its assets in equity securities of U.S. and non U.S. companies expected to benefit from the development, advancement and use of technology, as well as communication services and equipment.

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The Franklin Technology Fund is not an ING fund.

For an investor seeking:

  • Companies with strong growth potential, especially from the technology and telecommunications sector
  • An investment team having close contact with decision-makers: regular company visits; geographical proximity to most technology companies in the Silicon Valley
  • Portfolio Diversification: the fund provides investors with exposure in the technology and telecommunication sector


  • The Net Asset Value of the compartment can fluctuate due to equity market movements
  • Concentrating investments in one sector, such as the technology and telecommunications sector, can be beneficial, but it is important to note that performance could be more susceptible to industry-specific factors, and thus in the short term, the NAV of the compartment can therefore fluctuate considerably
  • There is a liquidity risk that arises when adverse market conditions affect the ability to sell assets when necessary. Reduced liquidity may have a negative impact on the price of the assets

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