AXA WF Global Emerging Market Bonds

  • opportunities provided by a large investment universe.

  • diversification compared to traditional global equity funds.

​AXA WF Global Emerging Market Bonds, a sub-fund of the SICAV/BEVEK investment fund under Luxembourg law, AXA WORLD FUNDS.
Benefit from the dynamics of emerging countries.

Emerging countries or markets are countries or areas with social or business activities that are in the process of rapid growth and industrialisation. The eight biggest emerging markets based on gross domestic product.

The AXA WF Global Emerging Markets Bonds fund is actively managed to invest in bonds from emerging markets. It invests in corporate and government bonds issued in US dollars, euros or local currencies. The fund strives towards optimal diversification and tries to utilise all possible opportunities.
The AXA WF Global Emerging Markets Bonds fund is not an ING Group fund.

​This fund is designed for investors:

  • want to diversify their portfolio by means of an investment in high-yield bonds from emerging countries.
  • have an investment period of at least six years.


  • the capital is not guaranteed.
  • the fund invests in financial instruments that are subject to fluctuations.
  • the portfolio can also invest in currencies other than the euro. The fluctuations in foreign exchange rates can cause the fund's value to rise or fall.
  • there is a risk that the issuers of the fund's bonds fail to meet their obligations or that their credit rating goes down. This can lead to a reduction of the net asset value.

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