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The compartment invests at least 70% of its total assets in the equity securities of companies domiciled in those EU Member States participating in EMU. Corporate balance sheets are generally extremely strong and European headquartered companies are exposed to long-term global growth trends. In addition, European equities currently offer extremely compelling valuations.
The BGF Euro-Markets is not an ING fund.


For an investor seeking:

  • exposure to companies that are domiciled in, or that undertake the majority of their economic activity in, the Eurozone. Those investors will benefit from a diversified, flexible portfolio that seeks to identify the most attractive investment opportunities across all sectors and countries. The compartment is not constrained to a particular style bias and is able to invest across the market cap spectrum.


  • The net asset value of the compartment can fluctuate due to equity market movements.
  • As there is no guarantee or capital protection, the investor may not get back the original amount of his investment.
  • Although the compartment’s flexible approach can be beneficial, investors should note that it can invest across the capitalization spectrum, and that it can therefore invest in shares of smaller companies that are typically more volatile and on occasion less liquid than those of larger companies.
  • Investing in a specific region carries more risk than diversifying across the globe. The underlying net asset value can therefore experience stronger upward or downward movements.

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