BlackRock World Financials Fund

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Take advantage of the investment opportunities from the financial sector

The sub-fund aims to invest in those financial services companies globally that have strong management teams, the most stable franchises, are attractively valued and can benefit from the uncertainty in the competitive landscape and the global economy.

Take a look at the return of this fund!

The BlackRock World Financials Fund is not an ING fund.

For an investor seeking:

  • Exposure to a diversified portfolio of financials-related stocks
  • Opportunities in all regions of the world and in all industries within the Financials sector
  • A flexible approach allowing the Asset Manager to select the best companies ‘ability to take advantage of the recovering economic environment


  • Stock values fluctuate in price so the value of your investment can go up or down depending on market conditions. There is no capital protection
  • Exchange rate fluctuations (the sub-fund can be invested in various non EUR currencies) may cause the value of your investments to go up or down
  • The sub-fund can invest in shares of smaller companies that are typically more volatile and on occasion less liquid than those of larger companies
  • The performance of the sub-fund can be more volatile than the one of sub-funds that invest across a range of different sectors.

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