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The compartment invests globally at least 70% of its total assets in the equity securities of companies whose predominant economic activity is gold-mining. It may also invest in the equity securities of companies whose predominant economic activity is other precious metal or mineral and base metal or mineral mining. The compartment does not hold physical gold or metal.
The BGF World Gold is not an ING fund.

For an investor seeking:

  • exposure to a diversified portfolio of gold equities and other precious metals-related stocks in order to benefit from a structural upward trend in the gold price..
  • diversification within the context of a larger investment portfolio. Gold shares typically perform differently to other sectors as their earnings are driven by the price of gold bullion and not mainstream economic activity. Gold tends to be a ‘safe haven’ asset, and during periods of capital market volatility or political uncertainty its physical attributes become more highly valued. Its characteristics as a hedge against inflation and currency weakness have been key drivers of investor interest in gold since the financial crisis.


  • Past performance is no guarantee of future results.
  • The value of equity investments and the income from them may go down as well as up and is not guaranteed. There is no capital protection so you may not get back the amount you invested.
  • The portfolio can invest in various non EUR currencies. Exchange rate fluctuations may cause the value of your investments to go up or down.
  • Concentrating investments in one sector can be beneficial, but it is important to note that performance could be more susceptible to industry-specific factors, like changes in the macroeconomic, taxation or regulatory environments, and thus more volatile than compartments that invest across different sectors.
  • As might be expected, investing internationally also brings with it its own set of risks and rewards, with examples of the former including currency movement, reduced liquidity and geopolitical tension.

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