Investing via regular deposits

Looking for a way to supplement your legal pension? Our Star Fund pension savings plan lets you save from as little as 24 euros per month.

Star Fund offers potentially higher returns than other pension savings plans but your capital is not guaranteed. There are fees as well as potential taxes associated with this pension savings fund. However, you may also be eligible for a tax reduction on what you save each year.

ING Focus Plan: build your capital even with small, regular deposits!

Do you already save but are considering investing because of the potentially higher returns? Start with an ING Focus Plan and invest from just 25 euros per month in your own choice of fund*. ​​

Thanks to ING's Regular Investment Plan for young people, you help build your child's financial future.

Are you looking to build up capital for your child to get them off to a flying start in life? Got for ING Focus Plan Bricks for Kids, the investment plan with potentially higher returns over the long term.

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*These funds are classed as “Undertakings for Collective Investment” (or UCI). A UCI groups together the money deposited in a fund by all investors and invests this total amount in a mix of shares and bonds. The term “fund” therefore includes both variable capital and fixed capital investment companies and mutual funds as well as their sub-funds.