Investment plans

Looking for a way to supplement your legal pension? Our Star Fund pension savings plan lets you save from as little as 24 euros per month.

Star Fund offers potentially higher returns than other pension savings plans but your capital is not guaranteed. There are fees as well as potential taxes associated with this pension savings fund. However, you may also be eligible for a tax reduction on what you save each year.

ING Focus Plan: build your capital even with small, regular deposits!

ING Focus Plan: the perfect way to gradually build up a solid nest egg which will allow you to turn your desires and projects into reality.​

Thanks to ING's Regular Investment Plan for young people, you help build your child's financial future.

One day, your child will come to stand on their own two feet. With ING Focus Plan Bricks for Kids, you can already start building the capital that will give them a head start in life. ​​

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