Regular Investment Plan for young people

ING Focus Plan Bricks for Kids

Thanks to ING's Regular Investment Plan for young people, you help build your child's financial future.
  • Investment plan for young people

  • From as little as 25 euros

  • Possibility of high return

Like all parents, you want a secure and prosperous future for your child. With ING Focus Plan Bricks for Kids, the investment plan for young people, you can start saving now for their house or other project!


  • A potentially high rate of return: you benefit from potentially favourable evolutions on the financial markets, however your capital is not protected and returns are not guaranteed.
  • Made to measure: you choose the fund, the term of your contract, how much and when you want to make deposits in accordance with your needs and investment profile.
  • Accessible: you can invest from as little as 25 euros.
  • Flexible: you can adjust your contract at any time, free of charge.

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