Exclusive investment solutions

  • Solutions based on your real needs

  • Personal support and advice

  • Expert risk management

ING is the only one of Belgium’s four main banks that works according to guided architecture. Which means that your ING Personal Banker can offer you a selected range of funds from other renowned asset management companies including Amundi, Franklin Templeton, BlackRock, Axa Investment Managers and NN Investment Partners. This selection gives you the opportunity to choose the best performing investment funds on the market.​

As a Personal Banking client, your needs and expectations call for unique solutions. Which is why we are pleased to offer you an exclusive range of investment solutions:

The "Personal Portfolio" range

  • This is a vast portfolio with international diversification
  • You benefit from investment in sub-funds of proven quality investing in several asset classes.
  • The fund is managed actively.
  • You can choose a sub-fund that matches your investment profile.
  • Go to www.personalportfolio.be and find detailed information about this exclusive Personal Banking solution.

ING Lifelong Income, guaranteed income for life.

  • You choose how often you receive your income.
  • Your income can only increase, never decrease*.
  • Income is guaranteed for life.
  • Unlike the "life tenant" system, in the event of death, the beneficiary (-ies) receive the remaining available capital.
  • Your initial income is not taxed**.

* Except in the event of a partial withdrawal.
** Only any future increases in your income are taxable. Any withdrawals and payments in the event of death are also taxable.



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