Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)


  • Wide range

  • Low fees

  • Easy to trade

An Exchange-Traded Fund or tracker is a listed fund which follows the performance of an index or group of shares as closely as possible. The fund does so by investing in all the securities on which the index is based. If, for instance, the Euro Stoxx 50 goes up by 2%, then your Euro Stoxx 50 tracker will do the same. You can buy trackers for a wide variety of indices, commodities, regions or sectors. The investment possibilities, in other words, are endless!​​​



  • As diversified as a fund: : when buying a tracker, you can invest in all the securities within an index in a single transaction.
  • As tradable as shares: the tracker itself is listed on the stock exchange. So it is easy to buy and sell.
  • Low fees: trackers passively follow the index to which they are linked. So the fees are lower than, e.g., a share portfolio which is actively managed by analysts.
How to buy trackers via Home’Bank?
  1. View our extensive range.
  2. Copy the ISIN code of the tracker you wish to buy.
  3. Log in to Home’Bank and go to “Savings and investment​s > My savings accounts and investments > Investments > Buying” and click on “Listed securities”.
  4. Paste the ISIN code in the field “via the ISIN code” and click “Search”.
  5. Click on the security name to display the details. Choose “Buy”.

When placing trade orders via Home’Bank, you will also profit from the following discounts:

  • 50% on the brokerage fee/commission for Euronext orders.
  • 40% on the brokerage fee/commission for non-Euronext orders.

Do not have Home’Bank yet? Apply for our internet banking service online. Or place your order via Phone’Bank or your ING branch.

A Foreign exchange risk exists for financial instruments listed in a foreign currency. In the case of a purchase or sale of a financial instrument listed in a foreign currency, the foreign exchange fee will be 3% of the amount invested1.

1The standard margin taken on currency conversions and foreign exchange transactions is 3%. The prices used for the conversion of foreign currencies during payments or foreign exchange transactions applicable to the financial instrument concerned are based on quotations on the international market. Quotations are available in Home'Bank / Business'Bank, Self'Bank and on request in agency.

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