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No theater, no non-sense, the hard way. Fast-forward your business & execute
a proof of concept with a top tier bank

About labs Brussels About labs Brussels

We run proof of concepts together with mature startups and ING business units to bring innovative solutions to the market faster.

We allow the scale-ups and ING to test their value proposition in a real banking context and co-create new solutions.

The ultimate goal: validate whether it makes sense to continue the collaboration and bring new solutions to the market together.

Our 4 challenges What are we looking for?

Efficient Bank

Smarter, faster, easier operations

Solutions that help us improve the operational efficiency in our customer contact centers & solutions that enable our tech teams to optimize the workflows of testing, quality and delivery of features resulting in shorter time to markets.

Data Driven Bank

Enhancing our bank wide data capabilities

Solutions that can enhance our PSD2 and open banking data capabilities, data analytics, data lineage and visualization.

Secure bank

The future of safe & compliant

New solutions in the GDPR Sphere, Anti-fraud, Data management & Reporting.


We love to be surprised!

Do you believe you offer an outstanding solution but it somehow does not correspond to one of the previous mentioned challenges. Do not hesitate to apply!

What you should know What you should know

What makes this programme unique?

The core objective of the programme is not only running Proof of Concepts (PoCs) together. We aim for exploring and validating whether a partnership or commercial collaboration after the program makes sense. That is why we use real data, real customers, real experiences, to truly validate whether an idea is working well. To plan for success we provide you with:

  • A dedicated lead sponsor from ING at senior level that will work closely with you on the design and execution of your Proof of Concept.
  • A personalized project squad and a team of mentors and sponsors from ING to support your progress and provide access to the expertise and networks we have available.
  • A tailor-made programme focusing on the scaling journey and the relevant learnings you need to move forward.

Is this something for you?

We are looking for technology-driven startups that are in revenue mode, looking to accelerate selling & scaling, or expand out of home turf.

This is what is important for us when selecting our participants:

  1. Strategic fit

    Does your solution tackle one of ING’s strategic challenges?
  2. Commitment

    Are you committed to put sufficient resources for the proof of concept in place as well as attend our classes, coaching sessions and events connected to the programme?
  3. Maturity

    Are you a startup with a product that can be tested in a proof of concept with ING or a scaleup already in the commercial phase but wanting to expand your solution in a new way?

Timeline Timeline

  • Applications Opening 07/10/2021
  • Applications Deadline 31/10/2021
  • Deep-dive interviews with potential ING sponsors
  • Selection of finalists 18/12/2021
  • PoC design
  • Selection Day 20-27/01/2022
  • PoC Roadmap creation
  • Kick Off Event 01/03/2022
  • PoC execution & accelaration programme
  • Demo Day 16/06/2022


  • When applications for the yearly programme are open, the link to the online form can be found on this website. Applications are only accepted via this channel as it allows us to put your solution through a structured intake process involving all relevant stakeholders.

Selection Process

  • All applications that pass the initial screening by the innovation team will be forwarded to potential business sponsors for review. Together, we decide which candidates will be invited for deep-dive interviews. If all relevant ING stakeholders believe it would be a strong match, you will be invited to a selection day in Brussels or Amsterdam. During this final selection stage, both you as well as your business sponsor pitch the solution and potential use case for a proof of concept to a Jury consisting of delegates from ING Belgium, ING Netherlands and ING Group, including members of our executive committees.
  • *Please take into account that it will depend on the Covid regulations that apply at the specific moment in time whether the program events take place physically or digitally.


  • The focus of the programme is the execution of a proof of concept together with a business unit of ING. Next to that we offer a supporting track of classes and coaching sessions focused on scaling your business. These classes are clustered in 3 meet-ups spread over the course of the programme. The official programme ends with a Demo where the results and learnings of the proof of concept are presented by the participant and business sponsor to ING and external audience.
  • *Please take into account that it will depend on the Covid regulations that apply at the specific moment in time whether the program events take place physically or digitally.

After the programme

  • Based on the results of the proof of concept the business will take a decision on either stopping the collaboration, entering into an additional pilot or test, or moving towards production and a commercial collaboration. ING Labs Brussels will continue to support that part of the journey.

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Mentors & Sponsors Mentors & Sponsors



What is so special about the programme?

The unique offer of the programme is the opportunity to execute a PoC/PoV with a top tier bank through a sponsorship structure that appoints a dedicated senior manager at the bank who wants to explore the potential of a commercial collaboration with you.

Next to this we offer you a supportive ecosystem, masterclasses and mentoring to make you stronger as a company.

Will all mentors and sponsors be from ING?

Each startup will be assigned a lead sponsor who is a senior leader at ING.

In addition to your lead sponsor, ING will also provide access to topical or functional experts who can accelerate the development of your startup, depending on your specific requirements.

We will facilitate access to potential clients, suppliers, advisors, investors and other resources you may need.

Expectations & Commitment

Are there any exclusivity constraints?

We understand that startups need to work with multiple clients and partners, who sometimes are our competitors. We like to work with successful companies and we will help you to the extent possible to grow your business (e.g. through referrals). However, we expect startups to be transparent about concurrent PoC or pilots with direct competitors to us, both during the selection procedure as well as during the PoC. Whether this causes issues to participate/continue will be discussed on a case by case with the startups.

As the collaboration can be quite intense we ask participants not to participate in any other accelerator programmes during the 16 weeks to ensure that you can invest sufficient effort into making the participation successful.

Are participants required to spend time on premises?

Participants are expected to spend sufficient time on premise to execute a successful proof of concept together. Usually large parts of the collaboration can happen virtually, but we offer you a working space that you can use during as well as in the months after the programme to be easier in touch with the business and customers.

Next to that participants must be present in Brussels for all classes & coaching sessions, taking up roughly 3 x 3 days over the 16 weeks of the programme. Next to that they need to be present for the Kick-Off event and the Demo Day in the end of the programme.

*Please take into account that it will depend on the Covid regulations that apply at the specific moment in time whether the program events take place physically or digitally.

Can I apply if our startup or founders are not from Belgium?

Startups and founders can come from anywhere. However, your team will need to have the legal right to stay in Belgium for around at least 15 days over a period of 16 weeks.


Do we take equity?

The primary focus of the programme is to test your solution and in that context we do not take equity and invest. If there is an interest for investment from ING, we can connect to ING Ventures, which is a separate arm of the organization.

Who owns the IP rights?

Participating in the programme does not require any transfer of intellectual property rights from your startup to ING. There might be exceptions if your participation involves deep co-development and sharing of IP assets belonging to ING or its partners during the programme. This will then be subject to a separate agreement. However, the general idea is that you remain the owner of what you bring to the table, as does ING.

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