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ING Lion Account

Your free online current account for private use.

What do you get for free?


The ideal online account for:

  • managing your income
  • making e-payments
  • withdrawing cash at the ATM’s in Belgium and geographical Europe
  • much more!

The free ING Lion Deposit pays an attractive rate of interest while you put some money aside for a rainy day. And if you ever need to get at your money, you can easily withdraw it again from your savings account.


An ING Lion Account can be held by 1 or 2 account holders. You receive 1 or 2 bank cards, depending on your choice.
Use it to pay for your purchases and make cash withdrawals in Belgium and geographical Europe.

The card is accepted in any shop and at any cash machine displaying the Maestro logo. Check the rates brochure for cash withdrawals outside the euro zone.


Home'Bank and our Mobile Banking app allows you to manage your account online, wherever and whenever you want to:

  • check your account statement
  • make transfers
  • arrange your investments
  • check and print account statements

All your cash withdrawals within the euro zone are free of charge. Check the rates brochure for cash withdrawals outside the euro zone.

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How to open an ING Lion Account?

  • 1. Fill in the Form

    Fill in the form and confirm your e-mail address

  • 2. Go to an ING branch

    To sign the opening contract

  • 3. Bank card(s) and ING Card Reader

    They will be sent to you by post


Legal information

ING Lion Accounts are intended for capable private individuals, who are of age and Belgian residents at the time of the application and have an e-mail address. ING always considers joint holders as indivisible. In the case of unincorporated associations (i.e. without legal personality), ING offers other types of account at its branches.

An ING Lion Deposit is a free online regulated savings account which is reserved for adult private individuals with a legal address in Belgium and a valid e-mail address. You can open an ING Lion Deposit even if you do not have an ING current account. Application subject to prior acceptance by ING and to mutual agreement. Current gross base rate of 1.30% per annum (rate valid as at 10/09/2012, variable subject to prior notice; see the rate in force at your ING branch or at If the balance of the ING Lion Deposit is greater than € 500,000, the gross base rate is decreased by 1% over the whole of the balance of the ING Lion Deposit during the period in question. Current gross fidelity premium of 0.30% per annum (rate valid as at 10/09/2012, variable subject to prior notice; see the rate in force at your ING branch or at The premium fidelity is an extra return calculated on and applied to capital which stays for 12 consecutive months on your savings account from the calendar day after the deposit or which follows the end of the previous fidelity period. The fidelity premium applicable at the time of the deposit or at the start of a new fidelity period is guaranteed until the end of the relevant fidelity period. The ING Lion Deposit terms and conditions (regulations, rates, product info sheet and other additional information) are available at or by calling 02 464 61 04. Exemption from withholding tax (currently 15%) for regulated savings accounts for interest up to 1,830 euros (per taxpayer for the 2013 tax year - 2012 income). ING Belgium SA/NV - Bank - Registered office: 24 avenue Marnix, 1000 Brussels - VAT BE 0403.200.393 - Brussels RPM/RPR - BIC (SWIFT address): BBRUBEBB - IBAN: BE45 3109 1560 2789 (Account: 310-9156027-89).

The ING Lion Account is intended for capable natural persons, over 18 and Belgian residents and who have an e-mail address. The ING Lion Account is a current account managed via the internet. It can be opened free of charge through (subject to acceptance by ING and to mutual agreement). There are no annual management fees or charges for withdrawals from cash dispensers inside the euro-zone. Read the ING General Regulations for Banking Transactions , the Special Regulations for Payment Transactions, the Regulations for the ING Bank Cards, the Deposit Card, the Temporary Card and the Minute Card and the Fees for the most common banking transactions for natural persons.