Paying the bills after a death?

Upon request from the public notary and/or the heirs, ING can use the inheritance funds held at the bank to pay certain bills before the accounts are released.

Funeral and medical expenses

Bills such as funeral costs (apart from the gravestone) and the medical expenses of the deceased invoiced in the year preceding the death can be paid immediately upon request of an heir or the public notary. These bills will be paid rapidly on condition that there is sufficient balance in the accounts. We recommend always keeping the original bills, given that they will have to be attached to the inheritance tax statement.

Costs relating to residence

Likewise, costs relating to the last residence of the deceased, 3 months prior to the death or 6 months afterwards (water, electricity, oil, gas, home insurance, rent and reimbursement of the mortgage) can also be paid from the ING accounts.

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