Who has to prepare and submit an inheritance tax statement?

Every heir and general legatee is bound by law to submit an inheritance tax statement to the competent Tax Authorities. Heirs or general legatees can write the statement themselves or resort to the assistance of a legal specialist (public notary).

When does the statement have to be submitted?

From the date of death, the heirs have a period of 4 months for a death occurring in Belgium, 5 months for a death occurring in another country in Europe (geographic) and 6 months for a death occurring in a country outside of Europe. Under certain conditions, the Tax Authorities may grant an additional deadline.

How is inheritance tax calculated?

The inheritance tax is calculated on the net assets of the estate. The amount of tax to be paid by the heir is linked to the portion received in the estate and the degree of relative with the deceased. For more information about the amount of inheritance tax, you can always refer to the decease page on the website of the Service Public Fédéral des Finances

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