31 March 2016

Who needs to be informed when someone passes away?

The loss of a loved one unfortunately forces us to undertake a number of administrative processes. It is sometimes difficult to know where to start. Who and what services should be informed first of all?

The funeral services company and the local authority

The first step is to contact a funeral services company in order to organise the funeral.

Then you will have to declare the death to the Civil Registrar of the local authority where the person was resident. This formality can sometimes be done directly by the funeral services company.

The local authority will draw up a death certificate and will give you a copy. This document will be helpful to declare the death to other institutions (banks, pension companies...)

Other institutions and authorities related to the deceased

Depending on the personal situation of the deceased, it is secondly important to inform:

  • the banks and insurance companies
  • the public notary
  • the pension companies or the employer if the deceased was still working
  • the health insurance fund and/or the family allowance fund
  • the lessor and/or tenant of the deceased
  • the others companies and institutions such as the water, gas and electricity companies, telephone and internet providers, department of vehicle licensing...