Obtaining funds after a death?

Assets may only be surrendered to heirs if the inheritance certificate or deed mentions the absence of fiscal and/or social security debts for the deceased and their heirs (or that the fiscal taxes and/or social security debts mentioned in the inheritance certificate/act have been totally paid).

The inventory of the safe deposit box

The branch where the safe deposit box is held will arrange a date to establish the inventory of the safe deposit box in agreement with the heirs or with the public notary. In principle, it will be possible to hand over the contents of the safe deposit box after the inventory has been taken. If the heirs do not have the key and/or the secret combination, ING will call in a specialist to force open the box.

Appointing a representative.

If the heirs are unable to meet with the ING adviser in person to give their instructions for the estate, they may appoint a mandate holder to represent them. For more information about this procedure (power of attorney) please contact us.