31 March 2016

Releasing funds after a death?

In order to release the estate's accounts, the status of the heir should be proved by presenting an inheritance certificate or deed. This document can be drawn up by a public notary (with fees) or, under certain conditions, by the collector of the registry office (for free).

In general

To release banking assets, the heirs must submit to ING a devolution of estate. This document comes in different forms. These include:

  • an inheritance certificate or deed received by the public notary
  • an inheritance certificate delivered by the collector of the registry office
More specific cases

In some, more specific cases (the deceased was married under the separation of property regime, one of the heirs is a legal minor, the deceased drew up a last will and testimony, an heir who is living abroad…) there will be additional procedures to be followed. ING will ensure to inform you which additional documents need to be provided depending on your situation.