Buying, building or renovating...

ING guides you every step of the way!

We help you build your dream home, supporting you with advice, checklists and handy comparison tables to help you get started. And when the time comes, you can of course turn to ING not only for the right loan but also for insurance as well. Because your home deserves the best protection, too. Happy house hunting!

Your dream home in 5 steps
What to do: build or buy?

Have a good think about what kind of property you want and where you want to live, etc. Go through every element carefully, and take all the time you need to make a decision. We have already summed up all the pros and cons of building, buying (and possibly renovating) for you in a handy comparative table.

Help me choose
How much will my home cost?

If you are planning on buying something, you first need to know how much you can spend. That is why it is a good idea to get an overview of all your financial resources. When doing so, also bear in mind all the costs you will have to pay as a home owner, and also any subsidies you might receive. We also recommend that you draw up a long-term budget.

Calculate what I can borrow
Found a property or a building plot? Now for the loan.

Once you have found the project of your dreams, you can start looking for a loan. We explain at this point all the different kinds of loans and interest rates. So you can calculate online how much an ING home loan will cost and read about how the loan process works.

Find my loan
Nearly a home owner, but first the paperwork

Have you found a property and selected a loan? Great! Now it is time for the sales agreement, your loan application, the notary, etc. ING helps you through it all.

My loan in five steps
The big day: moving house!

It's time! You are moving into your dream home! We have some handy tips and checklists to help make sure this step goes without a hitch, too. So you can make the most of your new house or apartment.

What not to forget