22 September 2016

Preparing for baby’s arrival – my projects

Are you planning to make a new addition to your family? Or is your baby already on its way? You will find a few tips here to help you anticipate the practical aspects of this happy event and enjoy this time with serenity.

Baby’s space

The newest member of your family will soon need its own space as well as somewhere to store all its accessories.

Has your current home been adapted or are you considering moving to somewhere bigger? If you own your house, why not extend or refurbish it? The renovations could be financed by restructuring your existing mortgage (borrowing again some of what you have already paid off to fund the work) or by taking out a home improvement loan.

You will have to allocate a budget to build and decorate a room for your baby. Depending on the amount you can afford, you could choose to recycle old furniture you have found in flea markets or online on second-hand websites or to order brand new room furniture as well as accessories such as bedding.

This budget does not necessarily need to have a huge impact on your savings. You could consider different financing options that are tailored to your needs.

Baby’s transportation

Your child’s security during transportation cannot be taken lightly.

When travelling on foot, by car or using public transport, you can use a baby wrap, a Maxi-Cosy or a stroller. Whether you are using new or second-hand equipment, make sure it is not obsolete and it complies with European standards. And, just as you have done for furnishing the room, you should anticipate and estimate the budget you will spend here.

What about your vehicle? You might need to get a new one if your current one needs to be fixed or is not big enough. If you do not want to spend your cash, you can consider taking out a car loan (if your financial situation is healthy and stable).


Be careful when purchasing online, take your time to read consumers’ reviews and preferably use a credit card with insurance which covers this kind of transaction (safe online, shipment, purchases, etc.).

Your monthly budget

After your maternity/paternity leave, you will have to organise day-care, which comes at a cost. If one of the parents will be staying at home, this will mean less income for the family. A nanny or a nursery requires you to pay for a pension. These monthly fees should be taken into account in your budget as well as in your financial decisions regarding possible loans (renovation, mortgage, car, etc.) because they will directly impact your repayment capacity and should be included in your calculations.

What next?

You now have a few ideas to help you prepare better for the practical aspects of your baby’s arrival. The sooner you take care of these, the more you can focus on what’s really important: meeting your child. These first moments will become sweet memories way too fast, so enjoy them to the full!

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