The Money Talk: Game 1 "Earning money"

We’ll turn your kids into professional bottle flippers. Play today’s game with your kids, and start the conversation with them around the theme “Earning money”.

The bottle flip challenge

Congratulations! You’ve just been hired as a professional bottle flipper! Yes, you. Out of all the boys and girls in the world, we picked you. Are you up for the job? You’ll need a steady hand and ninja-like reflexes. So, grab a bottle and start flipping, because every time you land a flip, you’ll get a reward.

What you'll need:

  • A plastic bottle filled with a little water

  • Small rewards such as stickers, small treats or pocket change

  • Timer (optional)

Step 1: Bottle flip challenge

Congrats you’ve just been hired as a professional bottle flipper. For every successful bottle flip, you’ll receive a reward.

Step 2: Overtime

All warmed up? For this 1-minute timed round, you’ll receive double rewards for every successful bottle flip.

If you don’t know what bottle flipping is, just ask your kid  To do a bottle flip, take a small plastic bottle and fill it with a little water so it has some weight. Hold the bottle (right side up) by the cap and throw underhand so the bottle rotates a full 360° and lands upright on the table.

What did we learn?

Earning money feels good huh? This activity teaches us that the better you perform as a bottle flipper the more you can earn. Working in the real world is like this too. Earning money allows you to buy all the things you need, and to support your family too. Use this bottle flipping experience as a way to continue the conversation about why earning money is important.

Questions and topics to kickstart the conversation with your kids

Q: Why is earning money important?

Sure, you can buy things, but why is “earning” money so important? Talk about why the same amount of money can feel better when you earn it rather than when you just receive it randomly.

Q: What kind of activities can you do to earn money?

Talk about what you do for money now, and maybe even what you did when you were a kid to earn money.

Q: Talk about a recent purchase you made with money.

Consider an item you just purchased for your child and explain how you paid for it and how long it took you to save for it.

Did you know?

If you are given money without earning it, you spend it quicker and way easier.

Real life challenge

Make a list of odd jobs around the house. For each job your child completes, they get a star on a chart on your fridge. Once they hit a certain target, the whole family gets rewarded and does something special together.

What is the Money Talk?

Do you need it or just want it? What does it mean to earn money? Why do we borrow money? And why are advertisements not always as good as they seem? The Money Talk game is developed by ING's partner 'the Think Forward Initiative', designed to get kids curious, asking questions, and start the conversation about money.

Think Forward Initiative’s mission is to empower people to make better financial decisions. This includes kids! One of the most promising methods to teach children about money is to talk and practice. By giving them the right tools and support, they’ll develop the capability to make financially sound decisions later on in life.*

So, set aside a little time to play Money Talks, a game for parents and kids to laugh, learn and play their way to financial understanding.

Ready to play?

*Amagir et al (2018); Johnson & Sherraden (2007).