Give your family the best possible protection.

Do you want to protect your family financially? Take out the necessary insurance in good time and prevent financial headaches. In this article, you will discover three essential insurance products.

Good health and an active life are essential if you want to enjoy a happy life, on your own or with your family.

But unfortunately, stress, a lack of sleep and not enough exercise often throw a spanner in the works of a healthy life.

Did you know that the average Belgian is 6.1 years older than his or her actual age? Even if you make every possible effort to stay in shape, it still makes sense to take out timely protection for your surviving dependants should you happen to become seriously ill or die.

Fortunately, to protect your surviving dependants, there are a number of insurance products which you can rely on that will protect their financial future and standard of living. We will list three essential insurance policies.

Death insurance

A death insurance policy will enable your family to cushion the loss of income if you die. They will also receive financial support to pay for foreseen and unforeseen costs, such as rent, a car loan, schooling costs and inheritance tax.


This insurance offers you and your family the necessary comfort and peace of mind because, by paying a modest insurance premium, you can offer them maximum security for the future.


In other words, the earlier you take out cover against your possible death, the more advantageous this is, not only fiscally (because you can enjoy a tax reduction for longer), but also (and especially) from the point of view of protecting your family in good time.


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Inheritance insurance

Do you want to prevent your loved ones from having to draw on their savings to pay the inheritance tax on your securities account?


Thanks to inheritance insurance (or accidental death insurance), if you die due to an accident, your beneficiaries will receive a significant amount equal to a percentage of the value of your securities portfolio. This will enable them to pay (some of) the inheritance tax linked to your securities account.


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Term death insurance

If you take out an outstanding balance insurance policy that is linked to a mortgage loan (also called term death insurance), you will give your surviving dependants the guarantee that they will become the owners of your home without having to pay off your current loan or sell the property. By the way, did you know that an outstanding balance insurance policy can also be linked to other loans?



By the way, did you know that you can provide your family with extra protection in case of illness or an accident? In these situations too (where work is not an option) there are financial worries lurking around the corner. Through an extra premium, you and your family can enjoy important additional cover.


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