Separating or divorcing? What does that mean for your insurance policies?

Did you take out insurance together for the family, the car, the house? What should you do when you separate?

The rule here is that you must always check all your insurance packages, so that you remain well insured. Check as well whether you have any insurance policies for which you need to adjust the beneficiary(ies).

Let your bank know immediately that you are separating. Our employees at the branch will be glad to help you.

Car insurance

Once you have decided who is keeping the car, you may need to adjust the name on the insurance policy and the proof of ownership. If you take over the vehicle or buy it from your ex, ensure that the vehicle is then registered in your name at the DIV (Vehicle Registration Office). Your insurer can help you with this.

You can have one of our employees check the policy for you. Based on their personal and reliable advice, you can then make the right decision. In preparation for your meeting, you can calculate your car insurance premium online.

Death or life insurance

Is your ex potentially the beneficiary of your death and/or life insurance? Perhaps you would like this changed. You can go to one of our branches for help with this.

Travel and breakdown insurance

Check your policies and the names on the policies. If necessary, you can have them adjusted or take out new insurance in your name.

Professional insurance and others

You may have other insurance policies either alone or with your ex for which one of you is a second policyholder and/or beneficiary, e.g. guaranteed income insurance, securities insurance or specific professional insurance policies.

We advise you to go through all of your insurance policies and have them adjusted if necessary. You can of course go to your branch or your usual ING liaison officer.

Get in touch with your bank as soon as possible. Think beforehand about what you want to do and, if necessary, use our banking checklist in case of divorce or separation

Make an appointment so that one of our employees can help you discreetly and efficiently.